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Online Video Poker for SA Players

Video poker is a popular game choice for South African players because it is a relaxing game that is played alone and can offer outstanding rewards. Each online casino will have an array of video poker machines that can be enjoyed. Not only will these games be available for real money play, but many casino sites will offer a few free video poker games. With these games, players cannot collect payouts, but they can take their time to device game strategies that will improve their chances of winning. Video poker is not a difficult game to learn and players of all skill levels will appreciate the action that is offered.

The goal of video poker is simple and very basic. Players will have five cards and will try to create the best ranking poker hand. Players will have the ability to discard and draw new card one time, so this is where game strategy comes into play. Players need to know the odds of pulling certain cards to make the right decisions. All payouts on the game are automatically determined and added to the credits on the game.

Online casinos will have multiple versions of this game with simple games like Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild to more complex games like Aces and Faces. Each game has the same concept, but the pay tables will differ. Some hand combinations will pay more on certain games than on others.

An exciting option for video poker fans are multi-hand games. These games have become very popular and can offer the chance to enjoy multiple payouts from the game. With these games, players can enjoy as many as 100 hands at the same time. This can become quite costly however, since all hands active will require a wager.

There are also games that offer progressive jackpots for certain hands. Some games will present players with a jackpot payout for a royal flush in a certain suit, while others have five of a kind rewards. When playing jackpot games, players will have to place the maximum bet on the game, which is always five coins. The denominations can be different, but five coins must be played to receive any of the jackpot payouts. Video poker games are exciting and rewarding and are great for poker fans who do not wish to compete with other players.

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