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Online Slots for SA Players

Online slot games are by far the most accessed games in any casino and for South African players, there are many types of games that can be enjoyed. Slot games are very popular among new players because they do not require any specific skills to play the game. These are perhaps the easiest games in any casino and attract players of all levels, from beginner to high roller. The slots that are found in South African online casinos can offer amazing payouts and there are also games that can be enjoyed for free, posing no financial risk to players.

The simplest form of an online slot is a three reel traditional game. This games easy to play and only uses a few symbols. There are seldom any bonus features, but some game titles will have a wild icon or a re-spin feature for enhanced payouts. These games will typically be played on 1 to 5 paylines and players can select between different coin denominations to suit their budgets.

Video slots are another popular type of game in online casinos and these attract the most attention. With a video slot game, players will have as many as 100 paylines in action and there are some awesome bonus rounds hat can be triggered. The best video slots will have free spins as well as a second screen bonus. These games are often themed and offer great animations and sounds to present an enjoyable experience to all players. When choosing video slots, only play games in which all paylines can be covered and try to select those with multiple bonus offerings.

The final type of slot that South African players will find online is the progressive slots. There are actually many of these games and some leading software companies also offer random progressive slots, which do not require maximum bets. However, when playing a standard progressive game, players will have to place a maximum bet to be eligible for the jackpot payout. Progressive slot games can be video style or traditional games and are featured in all online casinos. These games can offer life altering payouts and many have jackpots that are tiered, offering multiple chances to take home a jackpot payout from the game.

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